Hello World.. again

Feb 16, 2015


During a cold week in December of 2014, a group compsed of researchers, artists, engineers, hackers, writers, and theorists, huddled together in a studio at Carnegie Mellon University. We, Deep Lab, aimed to develop and comment on themes of particular interest to women in digital culture, including privacy, anonymity, security, and big data aggregation. We realized that to change a course, we’d also likely have to change the people who were representing it, and doing that work. Futures do not change when history is repeated.

The name Deep Lab is a nod to the Deep Web, the mysterious, hidden portion of the internet beyond the reach of standard search engines, and estimated to be many orders of magnitude greater in size. The Deep Web is often compared to the enormous submerged mass of an iceberg, lurking beneath the tiny visible tip of the Surface Web.

Modeled after a congress, the Deep Lab in that week proved remarkably prolific. We producied a 240-page book, lecture series, and an 18-minute documentary film.

What now?

We will be using this website to update and post upcoming works, press and prior works. We attempt to publish the majority of our codebase at our git repo