What is Deep Lab?

Deep Lab is a collaborative group of cyberfeminist researchers, artists, writers, engineers, and cultural producers. Our interests are diverse, and we do not agree on everything. Some of our research includes privacy, surveillance, code, art, social hacking, race, capitalism, anonymity, the infrastructures of the 21st century and useful skills in tangible situations.


What does Deep Lab do?

Members of Deep Lab are engaged in ongoing critical assessments of contemporary digital culture, and work together to exploit the potential for creative inquiry lying dormant in the deep web. Our research is conducted independently as well as collaboratively. The process is manifested by our network and both seperate and shared knowledge/expertise between members. Some of our work is secret, anonymous and private. Other inquiries are public; released as lecture series, publications, contemporary art, public programming and/or performances.


Why does Deep Lab exist?

Because we wanted to be together. Because the original computers were women.Because it can't not. Because we are stronger as a pack. Because I’m trying to stay connected to the self. Because sharing is caring.Because we want to dig deeper. Because girls just wanna have fun. Because you shouldn't have to ask for permission


What has Deep Lab done so far?

Deep Lab's initial research, residency, and publication were supported by Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University and the Andy Warhol Foundation. In 2015, Deep Lab partnered with NEW INC, the art, technology, and design incubator affiliated with the New Museum, for a weeklong residency. A forthcoming residency at MIT Media Lab will take place in 2016. Deep Lab's exhibitions and public programs are curated by Lindsay Howard and Julia Kaganskiy. Mostly we've hustled really hard for external entities and look forward to a time alone when we can talk, write and think with each other.


Who is Deep Lab?

Deep Lab members include: Addie Wagenknecht, Allison Burtch, Claire L. Evans, Denise Caruso, Harlo Holmes, Ingrid Burrington, Kate Crawford, Jen Lowe, Julia Kaganskiy, Joana Varon, Jillian C. York, Lindsay Howard, Lorrie Cranor, Madeleine Varner, Maral Pourkazemi, Runa Sandvik, and Simone Browne.